Methods to Avoid the Need for Storm Damage Repairs

Wind gusts don’t seem like they would damage your home; still, if your roof is in a bad condition, then you’re in a position to acquire some costly repair and restoration work. Residents living in regions of the country that are susceptible to extreme winds will have first-hand experience when it comes to property damage related to storms. Fierce winds and wind storms easily wreak havoc on any roof. If you’re not familiar with the amount of damage that strong weather can bring to any structure, let Paul Davis help you. We have much experience when it comes to storm damage repairs and emergency services.

Understanding Why Storms Impact your Roof

Getting a secure and durable roof for a fierce storm is the best way to be at ease. Although it cannot be made certain, there are things you can do to give your roof a a chance against storms. To know the most effective ways to prevent damage caused by wind to your roof, you need to understand storms.

The atmospheric pressure below the roof is an important factor here. If the wind gets inside your residence from a doorway, or if outside debris smashes a window, this will form a high-pressure situation inside your home and it will push against your roof. Then you’ll get a push from within the home and a suction pulling from above the roof. This push-and-pull is how roofing tiles get torn off, or in an extreme scenario, your roof blows off from the rest of the home.

That is why it’s critical to never open any doors or windows during a violent storm. It was believed that letting the wind flow through your home was a good idea, but this belief has been debunked. Boarding up your windows and doors helps keep a normal atmospheric pressure, block flying debris from breaking windows and holds off high-pressure winds. In addition, the complications from wind pressure on your roof hinge on your roof’s height, style, and location.

Learn to Fight Wind Damage to Your Roof

A great approach to prevent storm damage restorations to your roof is to get an inspection when you know a storm is coming. Roofs that contain any type of flaw are vulnerable to fierce winds and the chances of storm damage are greatly increased, inasmuch a roof that is sealed properly has a greater chance at resisting extreme wind conditions. Doing this can lessen any necessary storm damage restorations.

Sadly, not all storm damage can be avoided, and that is why Paul Davis also specializes in restoration and repairs. You can trust us for assistance when it comes to repairing roof damage. We know the value of immediate servicing and we work hard to ensure your home is in the best condition possible.