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Water Damage Tips

Flood damage in your home can come from a range of places. No matter where it starts, it can cause serious problems for the infrastructure and fixtures inside. Wooden surfaces and drywall are especially vulnerable to mold and mildew growth when water damage is left untreated. Paul Davis specialists of Stockbridge are the ones to talk to when your property needs water damage restoration.

Preparing for the Experts

There are several solutions you can try before Paul Davis restoration professionals arrive. You need to move quickly to save the possessions in your home from water damage.

Before starting, be sure your home is safe to work in. Power down all electronics and breakers around your home to avoid electrocution. It may sound overly cautious, but dampened appliances can be hazardous when exposed to water.

First Things First

A serious flood in your home can leave everything soaked. To keep water damage from harming small items, relocate them before large furniture. Use a dry, flat area to put books, magazines and other paper items. Books and other inked items should be go on a dry, flat area. Don’t forget light fixtures and other shelf things either. The big work begins when you’ve moved newspapers and other small items.

Circulate air around your home using fans or air conditioning to dry. Leave the larger spills for the experts, but you can wipe or mop surface spots. Though you may want to try, don’t use a regular home vacuum cleaner to clean water. Improper use of these tools can be hazardous to you and harm the vacuum. When you’re ready to move furniture, lift up larger pieces such as sofas and heavy chairs using wooden and cement blocks to above them off the floor.

Carpet and fabrics are typically heavy when soaked. This extra weight makes leather goods, fur and rugs difficult to move. This means when you have to move a carpet, proceed carefully. Hang clothing, draperies and other fabrics away from the wet area to dry correctly. Keep in mind that water damage can affect such items permanently, so you may not be able to save them.

Your home’s foundation and floors aren’t impervious to water weight either. Because of this, do not go near sinking ceilings or bowed floors. Areas like these have likely absorbed the most water and could fall around you.

Why You Should Call Paul

Paul Davis pros know water damage. They can treat your home more effectively with a little prep work from you. We work hard to restore your house back to normal efficiently and quickly. Our technicians have worked with a range of flood conditions in different types of residential and business properties around Stockbridge. Furthermore, Paul Davis will work with your insurance company to settle your claims quickly, so you can return to normal.