Rex First Priority

Quick response is critical if a disaster strikes your property. Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of South Atlanta offers a free restoration contingency solution for facility directors, risk managers, and property managers with our First Priority program.

Our team has the necessary tools to understand how to accurately restore businesses damaged by fire, wind, water, and natural disasters in Rex. We recognize the value of resuming the profitability of your property with minimal disruption, which is why we promise a quick return to a pre-loss or better condition.

The First Priority Program contains:

  • Priority service during a catastrophe
  • Pre-loss planning
  • 24/7 national call center
  • Complete emergency restoration and re-construction services

Ensure that your business is prepared for a disaster before it happens with First Priority. We’ll proactively create a customized plan to facilitate disaster recovery, prevent future damage, and minimize loss of revenue. Through this plan, we can ensure that your business gets back on its feet as soon as possible with minimal interruption in your operations.

Learn more about the First Priority Program.