Palmetto, GA Fire Damage Restoration

Harm from a fire can hang on your home or business for a long time. Contents indoors can melt from the heat of a fire while smoke and ash that linger sometimes aggravate breathing issues. If the fire is serious enough, you might have costly maintenance in the future. Paul Davis Restoration delivers smart, effective fire damage reversal help to residences and commercial properties around the Palmetto, GA region.

Our Specialties

Fire Damage – Fires destroy whatever they come in contact with, no matter the material. When our team comes, we examine the depth of your fire damage completely, fix your property, and sanitize your damaged possessions. This isn’t all. Additionally, we clean up water from extinguishing efforts and offer mold remediation. We strive to get a property back to normal quickly, whatever fire damage looks like.

Smoke Damage – The flames of a fire are not the only thing that can damage a home. Smoke can stay in contained spaces for some time and can permanently stain the air inside your home. Smoke is also hazardous to your health because it can result in breathing issues and detrimental harm to your lungs. These risks make acting fast a necessity. Paul Davis has the tools and technology to neutralize the smells and sanitize the air. If you’re still battling smoke damage in your home, call Paul Davis today.

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Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of South Atlanta has the skills to help you recover after a fire. Whatever your situation is, you can rely on our team to deliver fast and friendly restoration. Learn more about Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of South Atlanta by calling us soon.