Luthersville, GA Storm Damage Experts

The Southeast and GA are famous for fickle weather. Hurricanes, tornadoes and ice, storm damage cause damage in several various forms. If a storm harms your roof, siding or leaves major debris in your yard, it may be difficult to know when to start working. Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of South Atlanta strive to begin recovering from storm damage on your property if serious conditions strike.

Budget Friendly Storm Damage Restoration Estimate

Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of South Atlanta professionals have experience in helping others through the stressful days after inclement weather around Luthersville. Whatever kind of storm hits, we give you affordable and accurate estimates for the damage. These estimates include the amount of time and money the cleanup and restoration. No matter if you need repairs for your roof or recovering from wind damage, you can count on Paul Davis Restoration. Always fully qualified, our contractors are trained to handle anything. Furthermore, we collaborate with you throughout the insurance claims process, to help you receive the reimbursement you need.

How We Help

Roof Maintenance

Tornadoes and hurricanes often damage shingles with their strong winds and heavy rain. The roofing contractors on our staff in Luthersville are always prepared to mend shingles or entire roofs. We work fast and efficiently to make your roof better than before.

Damage from High Winds

Whether it’s coming from a strong funnel cloud or hurricane, wind can be a powerful force of nature. The day after the storm, you might discover damage such as torn gutters, scattered debris or removed shingles.

Electrical Rewiring

Wiring is a necessary part of almost everything you do. When a tornado or worse hits and knocks out your power, it may be tough to bounce back. With a fleet of contractors on our side, Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of South Atlanta will provide assistance to conduct rewiring at any point after the storm.

Reconstruction Services

Storms are a real threat for homes and businesses in Luthersville. If your property is wrecked from a storm, Our team conducts structural stabilization to restore your home. Whatever the size of the damage, we will mend your property.

We also offer water and mold damage removal services.