Griffin, GA Storm Damage Removal

All year round, harmful weather appears in several various forms. From thunderstorms to tornadoes, if you call GA home or across the Southeast, seasonal storms are old news. If terrible weather damages your roof, siding or leaves tons of shrapnel around your property, it may be difficult to know where to begin restoration. Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of South Atlanta team members work hard to restore your property back to its pre-storm state.

Storm Damage Remediation Estimate

Years of practice throughout Griffin has provided the our staff with the talent required to be effective with weather damage. Our staff is prepared to deliver reasonable and accurate quotes for damage caused by all types of storms. We give you an estimate on the timeline and price of the cleanup and repairs. You can depend on us, whether you want roof repair or new windows. Our staff is licensed and bonded in GA, the most available to restore your property. Furthermore, we collaborate with you during the insurance claims process, to help you get the coverage you deserve.

What We Do

Maintenance for Roofs

Tornadoes and hurricanes often damage shingles with their strong winds and heavy rain. The roofing contractors on our staff in Griffin are readily available to repair shingles or entire roofs. We act fast and efficiently to leave your roof good as new.

Wind Damage

Whether it’s from a intense funnel cloud or tropical storm, wind is a serious force of nature. After a storm, common damage includes torn gutters, littered debris or removed shingles.

Electrical Repairs

Electricity is an essential utility for almost every activity in your home. If a thunderstorm or something more severe hits and knocks out your electricity, it may be tough to recover. Our staff of specialists is available for complex or minor rewiring after a storm.


Storms can be strong enough to knock down entire buildings. Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of South Atlanta offers structural stabilization and additional help in the instance that your home or business sustained damage by a storm. Whether a storm damaged a wall or your entire building, we will return your home to normal.

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