Atlanta, GA Fire Damage Recovery

Damage cause by smoke and fires can stay around your property for a long time. From the flames that warp and disintegrate materials inside to the smoke and dust that blankets the area, a fire causes huge amounts of harm to a building and its contents. Depending on the size of the blaze, you might need expensive repairs coming your way. Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of South Atlanta, a licensed and bonded restoration group, can be the solution to the days after fire or smoke damage.

What We Do

Damage from Fire – No matter what the value, fires can destroy just about any item within your home. We begin our restoration by conducting thorough assessments of the damage before we repair and sanitize your belongings. This isn’t all. Our services also include water and mold damage removal. No matter what your situation is, you can depend on Paul Davis Restoration to work fast to reverse the damage.

Damage from Smoke – Fire alone can deal a lot of harm, but it isn’t the only hazard. Smoke can reach just about any part of your property – even if it goes unburned. With smoke and debris still in the atmosphere, it can be risky to take in air inside the affected sections. This makes removing smoke damage fast a necessity. Our team has the equipment to remove the toxins and sanitize the air. If you’re still battling smoke damage in your home, call Paul Davis today.

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If your home has been touched by a fire, contact Paul Davis Restoration today to heal faster. Our team of contractors thoroughly evaluate the damage then work based on our extensive training and skill. For more details about Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of South Atlanta, please call us soon.